Record a Broadcast

11 /20 2014
You can record your own programs as your broadcast them and they will saved and displayed in Past Broadcasts, however this feature is only available to broadcasters and cannot be used to record videos on FC2 Videos. These recordings will be available for viewing on FC2 Video.

Begin Your Broadcast

Broadcast Screen


- Recording will begin once you click on the record button.
- You can limit viewing of your recorded programs or sell them. Click here for more information.
*You can change viewing options or choose to sell your broadcast, click here for more information Public Viewing and Sales Settings.
- Click the record button again to stop recording your broadcast.

After Recording
Once a broadcast has been recorded it will automatically be uploaded to the broadcaster's FC2 Video account.
*An account will automatically be made for users who do not have a registered FC2 Video account.

Your recorded broadcasts will be displayed in the Live Recordings area beneath the broadcast screen.

Viewing Settings for Live Recordings
Viewing and sale settings for recorded videos can be changed anytime.
*You can change video settings at anytime. For more information click here: Changing/Removing Posted Videos


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