Two-way Video Chat

Two-way Video Chat
05 /25 2011
Two-way Video Chat

By creating a Two-way Video Chat room you can video chat with another user. If the other user also has a microphone or camera, they can communicate with you. This allows greater privacy than broadcasting a program for everyone to view.

Setup a Room
Before broadcasting, setup a room. Click on the "Two-way Video Chat" button, under "Edit Room Info" in the header.

Enter the room name.
Enter a description of the kind of program you are going to broadcast.
If you plan to broadcast ANY adult material you must check here.
Limit to Live Users
You can set whether you want just logged in Users to be able to view your video.
Set Image
Set an image to show up on the Live portal page. Check "Upload Image" and select an image from your computer. Changes will reflect automatically. If you don't wish to upload an image, select "Default Image"

Once you have entered in all the necessary information press the "Next" button. This will bring you to the verification page. If there are no mistakes, press "Next" to complete setup.

Begin Video Chat
Once the room has been setup you are ready to begin chatting!
Click on the "Two-way Video Chat" button at the top of the screen.
This will bring you to the Video Page. You may be prompted about your microphone and camera; pless press "Allow" (You will need to obtain a camera and microphone beforehand).
If you don't have a camera you cannot broadcast.

By pressing Allow, a picture of what your camera is recording will display. Press "Begin Broadcast" to begin broadcasting.

Two-way Chatting
The person who enters the room can, of course, choose to show themselves to make it a fully Two-way chat.
After entering the Video Chat room, press the "Two-Way Broadcast" button. Your video box will display in the lower left hand corner of the room-master's video screen.

Note: You can not modify any payment settings (Free or Pay/Amount to Charge/Duration between Charges etc) during a broadcast.


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