Bad Users & Comments

Hide Bad User&Comment
05 /26 2011
You can block and hide Bad Users so that their comments do not appear in the Comment section as well as specify bad words, which will not be displayed in your comments. You can even specify settings so that comments containing bad words are blocked altogether.

Specifying Users and Comments

Select a User or Bad Comment to be Blocked from the Comment Window

If you want to specify certain Comments or Users so that they are blocked, click on >> next to the comment to open the settings page where you can choose what to do.

Choose what you wish to do with the comment.

 Add **** as a blocked user?
 Add **** as a bad comment
 Copy ****
 Ban selected user (Forever)
 Ban selected user (1day)

Add as Blocked User
Comments from users specified as being a blocked user will have ###Comment from Blocked User### displayed after their comment.

Add as a Blocked Comment
The message ###Unwelcome Comment### or similar, will be displayed after a comment that has been specified as being unwelcome.

Block Selected User
This feature is only available to the broadcaster and allows you to remove users from your program.

You can copy a comment, name or user ID and paste it to the comment management page and block them.

Manage Comment

Blocked Comments
You can add words that you would like to hide from your comments, be sure to click Add when you are finished. Words added to this list will not be displayed in comments.
*For example, if "Sea" is entered as a blocked word, "seawater" will also be blocked.

Removing Users or Comments from the List
To remove marked users or comments from the list, just check the box and click on click on the X Button.

Hiding Blocked Comments or Users
Check the box next to the comment or user and it will not appear.


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