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11 /25 2014
Features Available Without Logging In

- Join chat
- Camera test
- Comment management (Blocked users and comments)

Features Available After Logging In

- Broadcasting
- Reporting a user

Click on Open Chat in the menu
open chat

Open Chat Screen
open chat 3

1. Post a Comment
Select your image, name, comment colour and comment font size and post your comment. You can leave your name and image as anonymous.

- Your image can be set in the profile management page after logging in.

2. Camera Test
* Your image will not be broadcast and will only be visible to you.
* Please have your microphone and camera ready

First, click on Begin Camera Test. You will be asked to allow access to your microphone and camera, once you click Permit your image will be displayed. Please click on Finish Camera Test to finish the trial.

3. Broadcasting (Open)
Sign up for free then click on the Go to the broadcast page. You will be asked to allow access to your camera and your microphone and your image will be displayed after allowing access.
* You cannot broadcast if you do not have a camera.
Click on Begin Broadcast to begin your broadcast and click on End Broadcast to finish.

4. Blocked Users and Comments

5. Reporting Inappropriate Content


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