Video/Audio Settings

Video/Audio Settings
04 /13 2014
You can improve the sound and image quality of your broadcast by making adjustments to your Video/Audio Settings. You can also enjoy high sound and image quality by using XSplit.

*Depending on your PC or internet connection, increased image and sound quality may adversely affect broadcasting performance or video quality.

Video/Audio settings

There are two types for the settings: Simple and Advanced.

Simple Settings

VideoConnected camera, built-in webcam, broadcasting software etc.- If image data is already being displayed with other software installed on the computer, such as Skype or Hangouts when broadcasting, you may not be able to broadcast with the camera for FC2 Live. In this case, please turn off the other programs before using chat.
Audio:Connected microphone, built-in microphone, microphone on webcam, software, etc.- If audio data is being used with other software installed on the OC, you may not hear anything or experience audio feedback.
Connection Type:Automatic Adjustment, Mobile (300kbps), ADSL (500kbps), Hikari(800kbps)- Click Automatic Adjustment to find the best speed.
Sound Quality:5kHz - 44kHZex.44kHz...Music CD
22kHz... Radio
11kHz... Landline phone
Volume:1 to 100

Detailed Settings

Videosame as Simple Settings
Audiosame as Simple Settings
Video CodecHigh image quality or low image qualityCodec is technology that shrinks large data files, and image quality changes depending on compression.
Connection Typesame as Simple Settings
The higher value means that the image becomes more clear. Default: Medium.
Frame RateWithin 160x120 to 640x360
Sound CodecNellyMoser
Codec is the technology that shrinks large data file, and sound quality is changed depending on how much is compressed.
Codex speed, resolution and no.Connection Speed same as usual settings, resolution is between 160x120 ~ 640x480 and the number of commands is 8fps for low, middle is 10fps and 15fps for high. NellyMoser and/or Speex are used for sound coding.
Sound Qualitysame as Simple Settings
Volume Level0 to 100Adjust volume value to increase or decrease volume. At 0 sound will be still be picked up, but noise may also be heard. 5 is the standard level.

Broadcast Settings

Broadcast from a Web BrowserUse for broadcasting on a web browser.
Broadcast from XSplitBroadcast from XSplit. Set broadcast start times, etc. Cannot be checked on web browser. 

-  The date and version of the updated broadcast player system will be displayed. 
-  The system will be updated to fix bugs and add features to the broadcast player and you will be able to confirm which player version is in action. Please provide this information as well when reporting bugs, etc. 


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