Turn Reward Points into FC2 Redeemable Money Points

Reward Points into Redeemable Points
11 /25 2014
Live Chat Reward points must be checked first before they are converted into FC2 Redeemable Money points.
*The process will take 5 business days at most.

Reward points are points that you have received through FC2 Live. These points can be used for FC2 Live or for other services, but must be converted to redeemable points before you can turn them into money.

Manage / Purchase Points
Through the Manage / Purchase Points page you can begin the conversion process by clicking on the Convert Reward Points tab to convert them to Redeemable FC2 Points.

1. Apply
Click on the Convert to Reward Points button to be taken to the conversion application page.



2. Investigation Period
This is the period that the points for conversion will be investigated and reviewed for. This process will take up to 5 business days at most.

Investigation Complete
Once your points have been approved, your redeemable points will be converted into points that can be converted into money, which can be converted into a cheque or FC2 Points.

*Your points will have been converted upon passing the investigation.


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