Trolls and Bad Users

Trolls and bad Users
03 /03 2015

Using the Bad User Share Feature (Troll Regulation)

Broadcasters can hide unwanted comments by enabling this feature.
*This feature is still beta-version and may be changed or undergo maintenance without any prior warning.

If broadcasters enable this feature, trolling, slander and other unwelcome comments made during broadcasting by a bad user will be hidden and that bad user's information will be shared with all of the other viewers. This also applies to

If a bad user is excessively notified as being so, they will be set as a bad user for the whole of FC2 Live for a set period of time. This setting will apply to other user's broadcasts too.

From the broadcaster's player go to Manage Comments tab, > Bad User Restrictions Beta and set the level.
You can choose the level of restriction of from none, normal or strict, soft is the standard restriction level. If you choose "none" then this feature will be turned off.

Levels of Restriction

None All comments displayed
Normal Standard setting. Some comments will be treated as being written by bad users.
Strict More comments will be treated as being written by bad users.
*These settings cannot be made by viewers.

*We are unable to provide detailed information on restriction standards.

Being a Bad User

Bad user restrictions will be removed after a set period. Please make sure that your comments are not inappropriate or unpleasant before posting them.


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