FAQ: FC2 Live

FC2 Live
05 /26 2011
Q. What is FC2 Live?
A. FC2 Live is a service that allows you to broadcast videos to the world as well as being able to set up a Two-way Video Chat. You can set up your own program (just like TV!) with a webcam and a microphone or music or you can just sit back and watch another user's program.

Q. What can I do on FC2 Live?
A. You can do the following:
1) Broadcast your own program
2) Setup a Two-way Video Chat
3) Watch other user's broadcasts
4) Play videos uploaded to FC2 Live and watch with your friends

Users who broadcast programs also have the optional ability to charge for viewership (similar to pay-per-view). Points earned through this system can be redeemed for real money.

Q. What do I need to do to start broadcasting?
A. At the very minimum you will need a webcam, but we also recommend using a microphone as well as you can broadcast yourself speaking or play music in your program too. Broadcasts made with only a microphone and no video will are not accepted.

Q. Does using the service cost anything?
A. No. You can sign up and broadcast programs for free.

However, some users may charge users to view their program. In which case, you may have to pay money (in the form of Live Points) in order to watch their broadcasts. Broadcasters are free to choose whether they will charge for their program or not.

Q. How can I tell which programs are free and which aren't?
A. On the Top Page each broadcast is clearly marked as "Free" or "Pay"


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