Save Broadcast/Previous Broadcasts/External Player Settings

Past Broadcast/External Player
04 /09 2013
You can save your broadcast for 1 week as a video on FC2 Live.

By saving a broadcast you can:

  • - Save your favorite broadcasts!

  • - Place an external player on your site and your broadcast can be viewed by everyone!

  • - Sell you broadcasts and make money

* Please click here to learn more about External Players.

Save Broadcasts

Save Broadcast Settings

Please check the following settings before broadcasting and saving broadcasts

1. Click the top menu, Settings > Live Broadcast/Two-way Chat and check "Save Broadcast", you can also change this setting in the screen displayed before broadcasting.

Save Broadcast Your broadcast will be saved as a video. Saved Broadcast will be listed to Previous Broadcasts.

Set as a view-able video on external players If you check this, your broadcast will be available in external players.

Previous Broadcasts

Previous Broadcasts List

You can see your saved broadcasts by accessing the top menu Broadcast > Previous Broadcasts
Title/ThumbnailsView the broadcasts, comments
point_mark General/AdultBroadcast Genre. Premium broadcasts are marked with a "P"
2013-03-04_1514_001 ViewsNumber of views in external players
2013-03-04_1514_002 CommentsYou can check received comments
2013-03-04_1515 Post to FC2 VideoSet privacy settings and post to FC2 Video settings.
2013-03-04_1515_001 SettingsYou can delete broadcasts
2013-03-04_1516 2013-03-04_1517Click to switch "Display publicly" and "Close to the public"
Display publicly : Allow to be able to view in external player.
Closed to the public : No streaming in an external video player
Viewable in external player
Videos that people can watch in an external player. If there is more than one "Display publicly" video, the latest will be displayed.

*It may take time before videos are added to "Previous Broadcasts" after broadcasting. *Saved broadcasts will remain listed for 1 week later. It will be deleted after a week from broadcasting day has passed. *The videos which are set to "Viewable in external player" are not deleted but if you change to "Close to the Public", the videos will be automatically deleted. * Two-Way Chat cannot be set to "Display Publicly."

Post to FC2 Video / Sell Broadcast Video

Post Settings [Privacy, Search Keyword]

Click 2013-03-04_1515 to post to FC2 Video and put it up for sale.  

  • * If you want to change the Publicity and Sales settings after posted to FC2 Video, please refer here.

  • *It may take time to post to FC2 Video due to uploading/conversion for FC2 Video.

External Player Settings

What is External Player
By placing an external player on a website, blog, or SNS, people can watch your FC2 Live broadcast without registering to FC2 Live.
* Broadcasts limited to users with points, premium broadcast and two-way chat cannot be viewed in external players.
Image of external player Externalplayer.png

The contents viewable in external player

Ongoing Live broadcast and Previous Broadcasts can be viewed. You can select which video you want to stream from "Previous Broadcasts" *If someone views Previous Broadcast and you begin Broadcast, the external player doesn't switch to the ongoing broadcast automatically.
Please also check the following settings.
-Free SettingsPay settings
Ongoing Broadcast/ViewOK-(Can be specified later)
Two-way Chat--
Broadcast limited to logged-in usersOKOK
Broadcast limited to users with points--

How to place an external player

(Image: Bottom of broadcasting page)
You can acquire an embedding code and change the settings through the broadcasting page.
Click Embed Code > External player settings. Please copy & paste the embed code and place it on your site.
Display live program after videoDisplay recommended live programs list after viewing a program in external players
Allow Adult BroadcastingDisplay adult setting video in external players
*Please do not check if external player is set in a non-adult site.
It's easy to place an external player on FC2 Blog if you use the free area plugin. You can also attach external players when posting a entry.
Click here to learn how to place an external player in your FC2 Blog using free plugins area.


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