XSplit: HQ Broadcast

XSplit: HQ Broadcast
04 /17 2013

Broadcast in High Quality

You can do high performance and interactive broadcasts on FC2 Live by using XSplit. The easy-to-use XSplit plugin is available on FC2 Live.

* If you wish to learn more about XSplit, we recommend looking it up on the Internet

Here are some things that you can do with XSplit
  • Broadcast in higher quality.
  • Broadcast your PC desktop screen.
  • Broadcast multiple videos and sounds in one channel simultaneously.

System Requirements


-OS:Windows XP SP3+

-NET Framework 3.5+

-Flash Player for Internet Explorer


  1. Preparation for Using XSplit Plugin
  2. How To Set a Channel
  3. Begin Broadcast With XSplit

Preparation For Using XSplit Plugin

0. Create an XSplit Account

XSplit Account

You can use all of XSplit's functions by registering for a paid account. (e.g. Not-Display Ads, or High Definition and High Quality Broadcast)

*You will need an XSplit for the first if you want to charge for your broadcasts on FC2 Live.

If you are using XSplit for the first time:

Go to the XSplit page for FC2 Users, or click the banner below to create an account(Free).

xsplit-logo-for-fc2_plugin Create an Account for Free!

* If you have an XSplit account already, please skip this step and go to How to Set A Channel


*E-mail: Does not have to be the same as the FC2ID registered e-mail address.

*Password: More than 5 letters, less than 50 letters

Click Join now and an Account Activate Mail will be sent to your registered email address.

Click the URL included in the email then when you activate your account "Activation Successful" will be displayed.

*After registration, click "Download XSplit Now" to download XSplit.

1. Download and Install XSplit

Go to XSplit Official Site, or click the banner below to download XSplit and then click "xsplit_installer.msi" to install. Following installation, XSplit will be automatically run and you can set FC2 Live channel through the FC2 Live Plugin Wizard.


2. XSplit Account Settings, Start XSplit

Start XSplit and login with your registered info.

Then you can set XSplit Channel and being broadcast.


* Ads will not be displayed when logged in with your XSplit paying account.

In the FC2 Live Plugin Settings Wizard, enter your FC2ID registered email address and the password.


* If FC2 Live Plugin Settings Wizard is not started or, if you already have an XSplit account and wish to set the channel, please refer to How To set a Channel.

3. Connection Speed Settings

Enter your internet connection speed, or if you are unsure of your connection speed click "Next" and your speed will be automatically measured and the result will be entered.



4. Broadcast Quality Settings

Select a Broadcast Display Resolution and click "Next." (4:3 is recommended for FC2 Live)


5. Plugin Settings Done

Click Finish to end XSplit Plugin Settings.


How To Set Channels

1. Add FC2 Live Plugin

Click "Broadcast" -> "Add Channels..." in the Menu and Click "Add..." on Channel Tab



Click More and search FC2 Live and then Install it. Once added, the Channel Settings Wizard will start. Please refer to 2. Detailed Channel Settings below to learn more about channel settings



You can now select "FC2 Live"

2. Detailed Channel Settings

Video and Audio Encoding settings may differ depending on your internet connection speed. Click "Test Bandwidth" to test your bandwidth.


(XSplit Plugin Settings: FC2 Live Properties)


(Test Bandwidth)


- Email: FC2ID registered email address

- Password: FC2ID registered password

- Channel: The channel you use in FC2 Live will be displayed if you correctly enter the above information.

Video Encoding

- Codec: X264 fixed

- Bitrate: Video Bit Rate(kbps)

-Bitrate is the number of bits that are sent to FC2 Live each second. Typical setting is 200 - 500

*Max Bitrate in FC2 Live is 800kbps. When the value is too high, visual quality may worsen or audio may skip or break up. Test bandwidth with the button and enter proper value.

-Mode: Default Setting is VBR, it doesn't need to be changed.

Audio Encoding

-Codec: Default Setting is Speex.(If you wish to change to AAC etc. you need to register a XSplit paying account.)

- Bitrate: You can set audio bit rate (kbps)

-Set this if the audio and video is out of sync. Available value is as same as Video Bitrate.

- Format: Default Setting is "16.000 KHz 16 bit mono"

If you have an XSplit paying account, you can choose High Quality options for "Codec" or "Format"

How To Check Connection Speed

1. Start Test Bandwidth

Click "Test bandwidth" button, where a new window will open automatically and start testing, this may take about 45 seconds.


2. Test Result

You can see a test result with the color of the circle icon in the top right.

Green: Comfortable connection speed for your setting Bitrate.

Yellow: Semi-comfortable connection speed, but try a test again, just in case.

Red: Your setting Bitrate is higher than your internet connection speed. Please lower the Bitrate and test it again.

Visual Quality Settings


Click View > Resolution and set aspect ratio 4:3 for your PC display resolution.

* XSplit Paying account holders can select 1024x768+

Frame Rate(FPS)

Click View > Frame Rate and you can select the number of frames. A higher FPS means smoother streaming.


Video Quality

Click Broadcast > Edit Channels and you can change the channel's video quality setting.



- Quality: Video quality. 10 recommended "Not Set" is highest quality and 0 is the lowest.

- Max Key frame Interval: Higher value means smoother video streaming. Default setting is 25.00, and a lower value means higher quality, but streaming may be not as smooth.

- Encoder Preset: fast is recommended. Very fast is the highest quality but it may burden your computer

- VBV Buffer: If there is an out-of-sync audio. message please attempt to change this setting to lower value.

- Video size: Change screen resolution to adjust your monitor.

- Extra Encoder Parameters: If you wish to use another encode.

How to Add Cameras

Click Add > Add cameraand in the menu below and list of webcams connected to PC, built-in webcams and screen capture software etc. will be displayed. Choose a webcam that you wish to broadcast with.


Begin Broadcast With XSplit

1. Broadcast Settings For FC2 Live

Confirm Webcam Connection

Please ensure that a webcam has already been connected before beginning FC2 Live broadcast.

* You will also need to connect a webcam when you broadcast your PC desktop screen with XSplit.

Confirm Broadcast Settings

Select "Broadcast with XSplit" or "Broadcast with web browser".

If you wish to switch this setting, please click the gear icon in the right top of the broadcast screen and then Broadcast Settings.


*Broadcast with XSplitBroadcast with XSplit and you will do settings on XSplit. You cannot check your broadcast on your web browser.
*Broadcast with your BrowserBroadcast settings are done on your web browser

Click "XSplit Broadcast" when beginning broadcast and XSplit will be activated.


2. XSplit Settings

When set to "Broadcast with XSplit", click Broadcast on the XSplit Menu, then channels available for broadcast will be listed. Please choose a channel and it begins broadcast.


* If you wish to broadcast with your browser, first check the XSplit settings and remove webcams added. Unless you do, webcams won't display anything on FC2 Live.

Click Remove to remove webcams added to Scene Souce on XSplit. Also, please select other webcam other than XSplitBroadcaster in FC2 Live webcam settings.



Welcome to FC2!