FAQ: Points

FC2 Live
02 /23 2014
Q. How can I check my FC2 point balance?
A. You can check it from FC2ID.

  Login to FC2ID(http://fc2.com/)
  Click Payment on the left menu.
  See the Transfer History in the bottom.

  As we announced on Feb. 18,2013, you can use FC2 Points on FC2 Live. LiveChat Points that you had at the time of integration was transferred automatically to FC2 Points.

Q. I'm aware of the decrease in my FC2 Points...
A. When you use a Pay service in other FC2 services like FC2 Video Paying Membership and the subscription expiration comes, your FC2 Points are automatically used for that. If you wish not to use your FC2 Points as automatic transaction, please change the payment settings.
Please consult our FC2ID Manual here to see the details


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