FAQ: Viewing

FC2 Live
02 /23 2014
Q. Flash Player on Google Chrome
A. There are 2 major types of FlashPlayer attached to the Google Chrome browser, however we do not recommend using one of these standard FlashPlayer versions.

How to Check your Flash Player version on Google Chrome
  1. Enter ( chrome://plugins ) in the Address Bar.
  2. Change the following settings
    PPAPI Integrated by default in Chrome. Not recommended for FC2 Live (Disable)
    NPAPI Downloadable from Adobe. Supported on FC2 Live. Recommended for FC2 Live (Enable)

A NPAPI Flash Player can be downloaded from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

PPAPI may be enabled or disabled again when Google Chrome automatically updates. Please check the PPAPI settings if you are having issues viewing programs.

We also recommend using other browser like such as Firefox.


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