Use the Poll Function

Use the Poll Function
09 /04 2014
Broadcasters can now easily poll their viewers and learn more about what they want using the poll function !
*Not supported for Two-Shot.

Poll ENG

The first step is to click on the Poll tab under the broadcasting screen!

Once you have clicked on the tab, a screen will appear where you can create your new poll.

1. First, enter the question you want to ask into the space at the top.
2. Enter answers for the viewers to choose from (Min. 2 and max of 6 answers)
3. Once you are finished click on Start Voting.
*By clicking on the binoculars tab you can see how the poll will look to the viewer.

Poll ENG 2

You have initiated a poll, so what now?

The number of answers voted for will be displayed as a percentage of the total number of votes made.

*Click on the minimize tab in the top right corner to minimize the poll and click on End voting to move to the data screen.

The contents of the poll as well as when the poll was started will be simultaneously displayed in the contents section.

Results will be displayed after the End voting button has been clicked. Once you have the data you need click on Finish, then if you want to start a new poll click on the tab next to the Finish button to create a new poll or start the process again as listed above.

* Once you have finished a poll it will be displayed as finished in the comments section.


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